How to buy EOS

Like most cryptocurrencies in the space, there are several options available when purchasing EOS. If you’re wondering how to invest in EOS in the most convenient way possible, check out the options discussed below. To overcome the challenge How to buy EOS of overall inflation, token holders can choose to vote on burning tokens or fund established projects to benefit the wider ecosystem. Every successful blockchain project relies on a method for ongoing revenue to incentivize development.

How to buy EOS

Again, you can counter this by holding your EOS coins in a crypto wallet. You can opt for a software wallet or a hardware wallet, depending on the level of security you are looking for. These wallets use what’s known as a ‘private key’, which is only known by you (and the wallet). This key will allow you to access the wallet and use your EOS holdings. Some other brokers, such as eToro, will not charge any transaction fees whatsoever.

What Is EOS (EOS) Trading?

Some other costs to be aware of when buying EOS are margin fees and monthly account fees. The former only occurs when you trade with leverage, which is offered by a select few crypto exchanges. The latter refers to a monthly charge that users must pay to use an exchange/broker’s services. However, some brokers such as eToro do not charge any monthly fees – allowing you to buy EOS in a cost-effective manner.

  • When the platform has verified your ID, you can deposit funds to your trading account.
  • Aside from volatility, another risk to note when you buy EOS UK is concerning liquidity.
  • One of the reasons eToro is so popular is their trustworthy and reliable reputation, as they are regulated in the UK by both the FCA and the FSCS.
  • If your online broker works in accordance with KYC regulations (which it should), the platform will also request a copy of your passport or driver’s license.
  • Another risk to be aware of is the risk of unauthorised access to your EOS holdings.
  • If the EOS blockchain can continue to grow and scale, then the EOS coin will likely have a bright future.
  • Two of the best EOS wallets to use are MetaMask and the Ledger Nano S.

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EOS: What is it all about?

As well as being a broker that offers lots of investor protection, eToro offers a very social trading experience. An increasing number of cryptocurrency exchanges will ask to verify your identity before you can deposit funds and start trading EOS. EOS is the native cryptocurrency for the EOS.IO blockchain protocol.

And if you choose to pay this fee using BNB coins, you will be offered a 25% discount. PayPal is one of the most convenient online payment methods and different crypto trading platforms make it possible for you to buy EOS using PayPal. The payment method is preferred by most trading platforms because of the convenience it offers traders. It is accessible, easy to use, and charges relatively low trading fees. For close to a decade, cryptocurrency exchanges and other crypto trading platforms have been perfecting and  consciously experimenting on the easiest ways to buy cryptocurrencies. Today, it takes no more than a few minutes to buy EOS – and virtually any other cryptocurrency.

Step 1:  Create an account

IQ Option is a regulated broker with licences from CySEC and the FCA. The broker is famous for having the lowest minimum deposit in the market. Depending on from which country you’re trading, the minimum deposit is just £10 / €10 /$10. To trade you will need to have a trading account with an online broker that offers CFD (contract for difference) trading. With trading, you don’t actually own the cryptocurrency, you are just speculating on its price movement.

If a majority of traders are long on EOS and thus – decide to buy it, the value of the digital currency will rise. When an overwhelming number of traders decide to dispose of their EOS coins, consequently, its market value will drop. As we discussed in the section above, regulated brokers are the way forward when learning how to invest in EOS for the first time. With that said, there are several options in the market to choose from – so you need to do a bit of homework before proceeding. If you do decide to use a cryptocurrency exchange, you should consider withdrawing your EOS investment out to a private wallet. This at the very least means that you will not be impacted from an exchange hack.