The demo wallet works exactly as the live version but with paper money, or fake money. Once you add a rule to the demo wallet you can see how it would perform in a live environment. Another essential aspect of assessing an automated trading strategy’s profitability is to account for trading fees. The default value is 0.1%, which is the base fee paid on Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange. Change the percentage to make it equal to your transaction cost on the exchange you will use to run the strategy.

  • To do that, TokenTact uses the concept of realised and unrealised profit when calculating the P&L of a rule.
  • For example, most of the coins on each exchange are traded vs Bitcoin or other stable coins.
  • Fiat currencies, stable coins, or BTC are good options but always double-check on the exchange of what trading pairs are available.
  • Traders must calculate profit correctly to understand the overall profitability of their trading as a whole.
  • The technical Indicators are only available on selected exchanges, more are added regularly.

A tab at the top right of the page summarizes the rule’s key conditions, and you can double check everything is in order before clicking the “Launch” tab. Here, the Demo account displays a market buy order for $2500 worth of BTC to be deployed twice should the price of Bitcoin drop by 15%. For example, when you use the operator “Any Time” and you sell 100% of the total balance of a coin, it possible to run out of coins to sell.

The platform does not have direct access to users’ crypto assets nor do they have the right to withdraw or transfer assets. Users remain in full control of their assets and can choose to withdraw at any time. The execution speed of the bots is incredibly fast and is well-suited for very short-term scalping strategies.


Quantitative developers write code, mainly for hedge funds, to automate trading strategies. The job itself requires advanced knowledge in mathematics, statistical models and algorithms. The first and the second part of the rule are executed in parallel. Every time the first action is completed, we start to check for the second condition, the first condition doesn’t need to wait for the second action to run again.

If you prefer to run it across all available coins on the market, instead, you may choose a tweaked version. This strategy works well with selected coins of your choice, and it’s a great fit on leverage exchanges like Binance Futures. A typical example of market conditions where this strategy works perfectly is as follows. Distributing your buy order across a more extended period of time, gives you the possibility of buying also at a lower price, lowering your average cost of purchase. This strategy is called Dollar-cost averaging (DCA), and there are two ways to implement this strategy.

First, the market is open 24/7 per day all through 365 days a year. The prices of Cryptocurrency assets fluctuate sharply, either increasing or decreasing. The combination of these two features makes it imperative for traders to always be alert and monitor the market for changes in order to trade effectively and make profits.

TokenTact is an advanced crypto ai trading software built for both beginner and experienced traders and the platform offers state-of-the-art crypto trading bots to automate your investment strategies seamlessly. The platform is run by a company called TokenTact Ltd which is based in the United Kingdom and has the main office located at Office One, 1 Coldbath Square, EC1R 5HL, London, United Kingdom. The team behind the platform designed it to be a “Lego tool-box” for cryptocurrency trading strategies and automated trading, and rules can be created quickly and back-tested before being launched.

Only in the case of “limit orders” will the limit price never be breached for execution, if there is not enough amount of the asset to buy at that price, the order will remain unfilled/partially filled. TokenTact allows you to set up your own automatic trading strategies based on the “If-This-Then-That” principles without requiring any coding skill. The rules will run 24/7 so that your portfolio management will become more safe and efficient.

Each exchange sets a minimum size for each order allowed on the trading platform. Make sure the amount you set up for your rules complies with such limits, so you don’t risk that the rule gets stuck with rejected trades. The selection in this dropdown will also define how the bot will check the market conditions. The rule will be able to trade only coins that have a trading pair with the quote currency selected. In case you have chosen an option such as “any coin” or “any of my coin”, bear in mind that the bot will only consider coins that have a trading pair with USDT.